Guitar/Drum Tech

Recently I have been doing more tech work for bands.

If you are interested in hiring please email me:

Bands worked with:

Steve Mason (Backline Tech): Festivals 2013 – OYA -Oslo, Way Out West – Gothenburg, Greenman Festival, Summercamp.
October/November 2013 UK Tour – Tour Advancing

William Beckett (Drive/Tech/Merch): Slam Dunk Festivals May 2013

Call It Reckless (Tour Manager/Backline Tech): July 2012 – present.

Army Of Freshmen (Backline Tech): April 2011 tour; European Festival dates & 5 date UK headline tour. 2013 Headline shows.

Atlas&i (Backline Tech): June/July 2011 co-headline UK tour.

Evarose (Guitar Tech): June/July 2011 co-headline UK tour.

Founders (Backline Tech): 2011 One off shows.

Lost? (Bakcline Tech): Various one off dates during 2010. April 2011; 5 date UK support tour.