Coming Soon

New year, new start. During the last few years I’ve been doing lots of touring with different bands, which has meant my photography has taken a bit of a back seat. In 2014 I hoping to get back to photographing gigs and artists a lot more. Keep an eye out for updates.

Christchurch Earthquake

Lyttleton Harbour, Christchurch, New Zealand (Photographer: Jon Luton)

It’s always sad to hear about natural disasters in other parts of the world, but, for me, waking up yesterday to find out about the earthquake in Christchurch meant more than that. Back in October 2009, I traveled to Christchurch and was overwhelmed by a beautiful city and the friendliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Welcome to my new site

Hello, and welcome, to my brand new website. After months of changing my mind backwards and forwards between various different website designs, from fully flash sites to complex photo templates, I’ve finally decided to get on and just design a simple wordpress based site. The site is not only here to show off my portfolio […]