Recent Photoshoots – Rumours, Lost? and Until Sunrise

Since I launched my new site, I haven’t updated with some recent photoshoots, so here are a couple of the shoots I’ve done in the last month. (click on any of the photos to bring up lightbox with larger versions of these pictures)

Rumours are a new band from Norwich. A couple of the band used to play in a band called Kapok who I had gigged with last year, and done some live photos for. The band asked me to do a couple of group shots and some individual shots for use on their myspace and facebook pages.



Joe - Rumours

Josh - Rumours

Marcus - Rumours

Matt - Rumours

Lost? have been around for a few years, and have been successful, having toured the states and recorded with the guys from Army Of Freshman. The band have just released their new EP ‘Pics, Or It Didn’t Happen’ (their first release with new guitarist Nathan) and wanted some photos for the back cover of the CD, posters and flyers as well as their Myspace and Facebook pages. We decided to keep the shots simple with a plain white background, setting up a makeshift studio in the bands practice room.



Roger - Lost?

Nathan - Lost?

Pete - Lost?

Rob - Lost?

Until Sunrise are my band. I debated over whether or not to get someone else to do our photos, but in the end decided that I would want too much control over them. Instead I took all the individual shots (except for individual pictures of me) and for the group shots, I set the shot up, and then got the wonderful Kirstie Blanchflower to release the shutter. This was the first opportunity I have had to use my Bowens lights outdoors, having only just got a travel pak, and I’m really happy with the results, and the extra dynamic gained using these lights.

Until Sunrise

Until Sunrise

Sam - Until Sunrise

Phil - Until Sunrise

Matt - Until Sunrise

James - Until Sunrise

If you like these photos, and would be interested in me doing promotional photos for your band, please contact me

Let me know any thoughts/comments about the photos below. Thanks

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